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Aigai Spa was born with the objective to redefine the word spa.

A new concept: An urban wellness spa that provides visitors moments of complete surrender and tranquility, before, during and after treatments. A complete experience of well being. At the forefront of this enterprise is Seagrass, a company founded by the entrepreneur Fernanda Pinazo.

An atmosphere of letting go and surrender

Relax Lounge, Feel Lounge, Dreams Lounge

Dornbracht Equipments

Horizontal Shower, Vertical Shower and Rain Sky E. Aigai Spa is the only one in the world fully equipped with products and metals from German brand Dornbracht, well known for their high tech equipments in water therapies.

What does Aigai mean?

In the Greco-Roman Mythology, Aigai was the resting place of the God of the Seas – Poseidon for Greeks and Neptune for the Romans. In Aigai, nothing disturbed him.