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To relax, to balance, to invigorate. Or, simply, to feel well.

Our massages incorporate ancient concepts of care for mind and body.

In complete harmony with the most advanced equipments for water therapies, it has the power to relieve tensions and provide a feeling of wellbeing amongst other cultures.


Harmony brings a deep feeling of well being. Slow movements and medium pressure, this massage is ideal for those looking for integration of body & mind.


Abhyanga emerged 7 thousand years ago in India through Ayurvedic medicine, with the belief that health depends upon a balance of mind and body. This is an extremely relaxing massage, which uses heated vegetable oil with soft, long and continuous movements.


Ideal for athletes and those who enjoy a deeper massage. Vitality consists of short and intense movements, while concentrating on the sore spots.

Muscle Melt

Deep and firm touches in unison with warm pindas and soft stretching, Muscle Melt is ideal to relieve muscle tensions and invigorate the body.


Warm volcanic stones are placed and rubbed over energetic points of the body. The warmth of the stones seeps through the various layers of the skin and reaches the muscle tissue, inducing a deep relaxation.


Of Japanese origin, Shiatsu takes place on a traditional mat. By applying finger pressure on energy points throughout the body, Shiatsu provides relief and wellbeing.

Back to toe

For those who hold tension in the upper body, Back to Toe focuses on the back. For a replenishing experience of relief, your feet will also receive some special care.


A lymphatic drainage involving micro-pressure along the lymphatic system, with slow movements upon the utmost superficial layer of the skin. Flow helps reduce fluid retention in the organism.


Traditional in Indonesia, the Balinese Massage combines precise and deep pressure, activating and balancing energy points with soothing and relaxing movements.


Ancestral therapy practiced for centuries by Buddhist monks. The massage is done on the mat and It is performed with the feet. The massage therapist leans on suspended bars and uses the pressure of the feet in several points of the body, providing deep relaxation of the whole musculature.